Why QActual?

The only app that connects you to your trusted network at a push of a button.

QActual provides the platform that provides peer-to-peer support, connectivity, and wellness tools.

Our goal is to transform mental health care from a reactive response into proactive care, empowering users with critical support long before they enter into crisis.

Team Check- Ins & Wellness Checks

As part of your daily wellness check, the app prompts you to answer three questions. Data from these check-ins is one of the feedback tools we provide that helps you to visualize and track your mental health.

You can also share this information with your team or anyone else you choose. This will enable them to offer immediate support before a mental health crisis arises.*

*The efficacy of this proactive framework was demonstrated when we collaborated with the renowned not-for-profit healthcare delivery system, Cone Health, for a clinical study in a targeted patient population that used the QActual app. In this study, Cone Health observed that there was a 90% reduction in the number of patients seeking behavioral health care in the emergency department, and an overall 87% decrease in emergency department visits.

See the Next Evolution in Mental Health Care

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Upgrade the Conversation

We believe that the conversation around mental health and the stigma surrounding it needs to change.

Through our core values: hope, support, security, and knowledge, we endeavor to engage our users and provide the tools and resources needed to manage mental health better.

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