QActual in the Workplace

We live in strange and volatile times. Health crises. Wars. Economic uncertainty. People are struggling, and companies are looking to support their employees in ways, which are proven to actually work.

We make it possible to boost employee satisfaction and productivity in the workplace. What company doesn’t want fewer mental health sick days and lower employee turnover rates?*

How we can help your employees thrive in uncertain times?

*Research shows that suicide deaths and attempts cost $69 billion in combined work-loss and medical expenses. Wellness-centric workplace initiatives like QActual can help businesses reduce the costs associated with sick leave, poor performance, and high staff turnover.

Support Your Goals

  • QActual provides supplemental tools and end-to-end business application solutions to help employees better take charge of their mental health.
  • Members can track their well-being through daily wellness assessments.
  • Those daily assessments generate reports, which can help provide valuable data to HR managers, while at the same time keeping employees information safe and confidential.*

*Our data is securely guarded on HIPAA-compliant AWS servers, allowing organizations to track aggregate data without compromising users’ privacy.

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