The Visionary Behind QActual

Speaker, Author, Teacher, Missionary, PTSD Ambassador

Aaron Quinonez is a Marine 1st Anglico veteran and the founder of the veteran nonprofit: Q Missions. He received the 2016 Distinguished Service to Veterans award and the 2018 Superior Award from the Department of Veterans Affairs. He was also awarded the 2017 Hometown Hero award from Kiro7 news.

Aaron, also known as Sgt Q, found his true purpose when he traded the battlefield for the mission field and began building homes and churches, feeding children, and supplying precious hope to struggling communities.

He was called to found QMissions, a pathway for veterans and found healing through the joy of serving.

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It Started with a Vision...

Aaron’s time in the marines left him struggling with his mental health and entertaining suicidal thoughts. He found that other veterans often felt the same way...

After discovering that the brain stops logical functioning during a mental health crisis, Aaron began wondering how specific grounding techniques from his military training background could help do a “function check” of the brain, similar to the weapons check he learned  in the military when his weapons were not working properly.

Aaron connected this concept with the term “popping smoke” used in the military when someone is requesting help from their squad. These became the inspiration for “Operation Popping Smoke” (a veterans’ support group founded by Aaron) and the genesis of the QActual app.

This unique app serves as your own personal and confidential emergency response team with your most trusted peers — your “Team.” With a simple push of a button, your whole team is notified when you’re in trouble. The app also allows confidential texting and gives your team your exact GPS coordinates in live time so they can find you in your moment of need.

Our Team

Aaron Quinonez

President & CEO

Holly Quinonez

VP, Technology

Michael Webster

Director of Finance

Alija Quinonez

Product Marketing


Director, Security &

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