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The only mental health app that connects you to your own trusted network of peers at the push of a button while maintaining your complete privacy.

"We observed a 90% reduction in the number of patients seeking behavioral health care in the Emergency Department and an 87% reduction in ED visits among the target population."

— Dr. Archana Kumar, Hospital Director          

Our plan is to help you succeed

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It’s Ok to Be Different

The Numbers Don’t Lie


of critical care nurse reported symptoms of moderate to severe depression

only 10%

of apps aimed at supporting therapies for depression meet evidence-based principles

1 in 5

adults live with mental illness


of workers said mental health benefits are important when considering a new job


Mental illness & related behavioral health problems contribute 13% to the global burden of disease

Crisis Alert at Your Fingertips

Through our 3-step emergency alert system, your peer network is equipped to serve you in times of need.

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What Real People are Saying...

“The engagement was 47% among our staff & we were able to avoid 9 suicides and 3 mental health crises in 90 days.”

— David Heenan,

It is so hard to make a phone call to my family/friends saying the words ‘I need help.’ With this app I push a button, signaling an alert to my team, and they check in with me.”

— QActual App Member

“I want to help, but I don’t know how. This app gives me a way to provide support in my friend's recovery.”

— QActual App
Support Team Member